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According to Findings from Ipsos MediaCT’s biannual MOTION Study, Online Video Streaming Is Taking a Bigger Share of America’s Disposable Entertainment Time. No shit!

Recent data from Ipsos MediaCT’s MOTION study illustrates that in the past 30 days, 26% of online Americans have streamed a full-length TV show and 14% have streamed a full-length movie. This is more than two times the levels measured in September 2008. Not surprisingly, young adults 18 to 24 years of age have been the most ardent supporters of this medium. What is surprising is just how supportive they are – in the past 30 days, 30% have streamed a full-length movie and 51% have streamed a full-length TV show, which represent dramatic increases from last year.

They go on to say that the average American with Internet access watches 15 hours of television per week, compared to less than two hours on their PC. Furthermore, even among digital video users, 64% would rather watch hour-long dramas and half-hour comedies live on their TV than rent or purchase them, or watch them on their PC or portable device.

What do you think?

Comscore came out with some juicey info once again....
  • 77.8% of the total US internet audience viewed online video.
  • The average online video viewer watched 327 minutes of video, or nearly 5.5 hours.
  • 99.7 million viewers watched 5.9 billion videos on YouTube.com (59.1 videos per viewer).
  • 47.4 million viewers watched 349 million videos on MySpace.com (7.4 videos per viewer).
  • Hulu accounted for 2.6% of videos viewed, but 4.9% of all minutes spent watching online video.
  • The duration of the average online video was 3.4 minutes.
The top 3 US video properties on the net in order right now are | GOOGLE | FOX | HULU|

On for more fun this site here is just awesome and they said this about online movies on TV:

While much of the content on video-sharing sites is still user-generated, a growing archive of professional content is becoming increasingly available through YouTube and network-sponsored video portals such as Hulu, Pew reported. In response, more than one-third (35%) of internet users now say they have viewed a TV show or movie online. This compares with just 16% of internet users who had watched or downloaded movies or TV shows in 2007.

Among those who have watched TV/movies online, young adults lead the way, with 61% of internet users ages 18-29 reporting they watch TV shows and movies online. This compares with 32% of those ages 30-49, 22% of users ages 50-64 and just 11% those ages 65+.
On a typical day, the same age-related trends emerge: 16% of young adult internet users say they watch TV and movies online, compared with just 6% of those ages 30-49, 2% of the 50-64 group and 1% of wired seniors.

Among those who watch TV shows or movies online, 23% say they have connected their computer to a TV screen so they could view video from the internet on their TV. That amounts to roughly 8% of all internet users. Men are nearly twice as likely to have done this, Pew said.

A lot of this info came from Changewave.... they rule!

Just in case you didn't know... I predicted just how sweet HULU was going to do, true story! Now just wait till the whole ABC/Disney experience gets fully integrated with the NBC/FOX enterprise.

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