MADRID — Broadband Internet TV has overtaken cable TV in France, according to audience company Mediametrie.
In its latest MediaCabSat Gallic pay TV report, which includes IPTV data for the first time, Mediametrie estimates French ADSL TV viewers at 8.5 million for June 15. As for cable, cable TV viewership dropped from 6.1 million Feb. 17 to 6 million June 15.
Results underscore France’s status as Europe’s most vibrant Internet TV market, energized by deep-pocketed aggressive IPTV operators such as France Telecom-Orange, Free and SFR-Neuf Cegetel.
"ADSL TV is free for broadband subscribers, and it will continue to grow. Cable will most probably stagnate," said Francois Godard, an analyst at London-based Enders Analysis.

Source: Variety


I see HULU taking the 6th spot by the end of the year. When HULU roles out to other countries and when NBCU and Microsoft figure out what they are going to do with their new distribution deal involing the Xbox360, I think the whole landscape will change.

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